about red letter day

Hi and welcome to Red Letter Day!  I am Sarah Day - owner, seamstress, designer, and online store administrator.  Like many of you out there, I am a mom who was looking for a little something more to occupy my days besides picking up toys and changing diapers.  I discovered that sewing uses my brain in a whole new way and calms me (almost) as well as a glass of wine.
It was my mother who taught me to sew.  From the time I was little, I would hear my mother in her sewing room cutting fabrics, whirring along on the machine, and occassionally swearing at mistakes she had made.  My biggest project with her was a skirt, top, and purse made from a very funky pink plaid.  I still have them.  My mom died in 2004, and after her death, I think I was looking for ways to connect with her.  I took some sewing classes and started using my grandmother's old machine.  And I just loved it.  I felt a sense of accomplishment I had never felt before.
In the years since I have started sewing in earnest, I have moved from project to project.  But I always enjoyed making things that I thought my friends would like.  That is where the totes and accessory bags came from.  I wanted to bring my best girlfriends a little something whenever we got together.  Their enthusiasm for my products has given me the courage to start selling them at parties and here on the site.  I hope you enjoy them and can tell how much love has gone into making each one.
By the way, a couple of folks have asked me about the name Red Letter Day.  According to the dictionary, a red letter day is a day of special significance or importance.  When monks were writing out the church calendar during Medieval times, they marked important days in red.  I hope all of your days using my products will be red letter ones!
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